Aryuveda is a traditional system of medicine in Sri Lanka. Locals have practiced this indigenous medical system for a time incalculable. The word Aryuveda is made up by amalgamating two Sanskrit words. ‘Ayu’ means life and ‘Veda’ means science. Aryuveda is not merely a system of medicine; it is a way of living. The base of this unique method is the belief that the highest wealth a person can acquire is health. The notion of Aryuveda is to heal the body when afflicted by disease and to preserve mind, body and soul.

This ancient medicine system was developed way before the birth of Hippocrates who is known as the father of modern medicine. Aryuveda dates back to the Vedic period and historians believe that this traditional medical method is a part of Atharva Veda.

There has been some significant foreign influence for the creating of the traditional Sri Lankan method of medicine. It is a combination of Siddha, which is a medicine system inherited from South India, Ayurveda system from North India and Unani system of Arabs along with the local traditional system known as Desheeya Chikitsa.

Aryuveda has a strong connection with nature. The five main essentials of medical herbs include flowers, leaves, barks, berries and roots.  It takes quite a long time to prepare Aryuvedic medicine that requires a careful and skilful process. Pills, wines and powders are made for internal use while oils and ointments are made for external use. There are diverse treatment methods involved too.  Aryuveda is free from chemicals since it uses natural ingredients to cleanse and heal; therefore, it is minimal of adverse affects.

Even with the significant development of western medicine, the Ayurvedic Medical System is still practiced in Sri Lanka on a very high scale. More than 75% of the country’s population still depends on this nature's approach of caring and curing.

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