Botanical Gardens in Sri Lanka

Two key Botanical Gardens exist in Sri Lanka that presents visitors the chance to glimpse some of the beautiful plant life that grows here. Both the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens and the Hakgala Botanical Gardens offer beautiful greenery, a diverse selection of plants and the chance to partake in a relaxing stroll through nature.

The gardens all have a rich history and most of them were all formulated well over a century ago having being further developed under British rule.

The botanical gardens provide the perfect location for the ardent botany lover and enthusiast to take a relaxing stroll through various types of plant life. Furthermore, the gardens are also beautifully maintained and provide a charming and naturalistic experience that is sure to delight all those who pass through them.

Sri Lanka is a country that has many different sides to it, but the gardens truly showcase the natural and harmonious side of the country through its various forms of plant life.




Botanical Gardens in Sri Lanka

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