Sri Lankan Destinations

Described by Marco Polo as the finest island of its size, Sri Lanka is truly a land abundant with natural beauty and friendly people. With a civilization existing from 500BC Sri Lanka has a proud heritage and therefore showcases some wondrous feats of the by gone empires. Buddhism take centre stage in Sri Lanka and many ancient Buddhist shrines and sites can be found all around the country.

As a tropical island, Sri Lanka poses lush green foliage as well as pristine sandy beaches in addition to the diverse and thriving wildlife. The terrain and climate in Sri Lanka is immensely diverse and these attributes make Sri Lanka one of the most bio diverse countries in the world. Being relatively a small island and with immense bio diversity Sri Lanka has plenty to offer to its visitors and the most alluring aspect about all these attractions are that they are only a few hours apart from each other.

Home to a variety of attractions and activities, Sri Lanka presents visitors with an array of items to occupy one’s time, providing the perfect place for a relaxing and eventful holiday.





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