About Colombo

Recognized as the most populated multiethnic city in Sri Lanka, Colombo accommodates a population of over 642,163 people living within its city limits.

Colombo grew in popularity among the ancient traders due to its ease of access mainly owing to the harbour and the strategic location in the east west sea route. It is undoubtedly the busiest city in the country with many financial and economic centres located within the city limits. It was regarded as the national capital till the 1980s, when plans were made to make the city the hub for commercial activities moving all the government corporations to the new capital, Sri Jayawardenapura, Kotte. However, the most important government institutions such as the President's House, Presidential Secretariat, Prime Minister's House, Prime Minister's Office, the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka, and the Central Bank of Sri Lanka etc, still remained in the city.

Apart from the above, Colombo is well known for the Galle Face Green, Colombo Harbour, Colombo National Museum and the “Viharamahadevi Park”. The Galle Face Green is the city's largest open space with a magnificent view attracting many local and foreign tourists.

The climate of Colombo is fairly moderate all throughout the year where the average temperature is recorded at around 31 degrees, but rains are expected during the monsoon seasons. Colombo is amicably compromised of modern facilities and infrastructure such as luxury shopping malls, apartments, highways, and five star hotels. The main modes of public transport are by bus and/or train, however not to forget are the large number of auto rickshaws or Tuk Tuks which are also available.

With its easy access to any location in the country, Colombo boasts of its commercial magnitude and the modern lifestyle of people as compare to any other city in Sri Lanka.

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