Sri Lankan Leisure Events

Sri Lanka being vibrant in many ways also holds dear the joy of merriment and laughter as closely as the cultural and literary aspects in life. Since Sri Lankans consider leisure activities their favorite pastime, it is only right to have events and festival complimenting its characteristics.

The country hosts many popular events and festivals such as the Hikkaduwa Beach Festival and the annual Galle Literary Festival, and even the many exhibitions that occur throughout the country. Because of this there is always much to do and see when in the bright and sunny country of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has many such events and festivals on offer, be it a beach festival, a book exhibition or even a literary festival, visitors can indulge in these events and enjoy the chance to mingle with the extremely friendly local populace. Keep your calendar open when visiting Sri Lanka, where excitement reaches a whole new level.


Events & Festivals in Sri Lanka

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