Shopping & Trade Shows in Sri Lanka

With events and festivals organised for the benefit of the public through the year, shoppers will be thrilled to know that Shopping Conventions are Exhibitions are held at venues such as the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre (SLECC) as well as the Bandaranayke Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) every season.

Trade Events present visitors the chance to indulge in various types of goods and are a centrepiece of international activity. With various different types of exhibitions that take place here visitors can expect to buy everything from electronic goods, to furniture, and even glassware when visiting Sri Lanka.

Countries that take part in some of the international trade shows include nations from the Middle East, China, Japan as well a some of Sri Lanka’s neighbours such as India and Pakistan.

Other major festival that take place here include the yearly book sales that presents the chance to buy a range of different books at special prices compared to how they are normally priced when visiting the store. This is an extremely popular event that is held at the BMICH ever year. This is evident by the large throngs of crowds that frequent the event. However visiting this provides guests with the chance to pick up an excellent selection of books at reduced prices.

Various IT related trade shows also visit the country and seek to promote all the latest technology. Everything from the latest mobile phones to computer equipment can be seen here.

Another popular item that is held on a regular basis is the car show which showcases the various automobiles that can be found in the country. Most of these are more of a vintage nature but also include some of the latest cars from famous brands such as Mercedes.

When visiting Sri Lanka you may be lucky enough to catch a trade show that presents the chance to witness a variety of different areas of interest that may be just what you are looking for.

Events & Festivals in Sri Lanka

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