Sri Lankan Sports Events

With spots being an important part of life in Sri Lanka, the country has achieved numerous successes when it comes to the international sporting arena. Throughout the year there are numerous events that take place dedicated purely to the art of sports. Therefore, when in this wonderland filled with beauty and excitement, take time to visit the many sports event, which occur throughout the year.

Cricket is by far the most popular sport in the country that is almost literally played by everyone. This has been further exemplified with the national team highly becoming highly acclaimed for their winnings through various tournaments over the years. Whether it is a One-Day match or a Test Series, the excitement of the game keeps everyone on their toes. Another favourite of locals are the “Big Matches” which allows various schools to battle it out against each other for prestigious cups.

When in Sri Lanka during March, make sure to watch arrange to visit the “Battle of the Blues” Big Match which occurs between two of the finest schools in Colombo, S.Thomas College Mount Lavinia and Royal College Colombo.

Another popular sport within this paradise land is rugby football or “rugger” as it known to locals. Locals make their way to the cool hills of Kandy during midyear, to witness the local schools Trinity College of Kandy and Royal College Colombo battling for the prestigious Bradby Shield.

Other sports events include The Colombo Marathon and the highly intriguing and yet unique annual Elephant Polo Tournament in Galle. Take time to indulge in the intricacies of Sri Lankan sports and charge up on the adrenaline around.

Some of the most notable achievements that the nation has achieved are the winning of the 1996 Cricket World Cup a well as numerous medals in the Olympics and other sporting competitions.

Events & Festivals in Sri Lanka

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