Sri Lankan Theatre and Cinema

Theatrical art is an important element of the performing arts and literary society of Sri Lanka. With much of the population tuned into the likes of highly acclaimed plays and dramas, there is much to see within this country filled with art, culture and tradition.

Furthermore, Sri Lanka is also home to various genres of cinema. With the likes of critically acclaimed works of cinematography to bountiful amounts of Sinhala comedy, there is much to enjoy at the cinema. Take time to visit the local cinema and indulge in a healthy dosage of the latest film, local or international.

Cinema is also not dominated purely by local films as there is a healthy offering of films from India and Hollywood that can be seen here as they have a popular fan base.

With various theatre houses, as well as film halls situated across the country, many of the most acclaimed works of art are on show at Colombo. Take time to enjoy theatrical art as well as fine works of cinematography of Sri Lanka when visiting this wondrous island paradise.

Events & Festivals in Sri Lanka

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