Forts in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is abundant in history and along with history comes structures that serve as a sign to this rich story of the past.

With history dating back thousands of years, this tiny island in the Indian Ocean has been through countless kingdoms and rulers. Thus, with every colonial rule that was present in this land, forts or fortresses were built to protect the structures of each empire. With citadels in many regions of the country, Sri Lanka is home to many forts.

Most of the forts that stand tall in Sri Lanka are mainly based on western architecture, mostly due to the inhabitation of the Dutch, Portuguese and British. The first to build forts in the country were the Portuguese, who were also the first western settlers in Sri Lanka. However, with the Dutch occupation, these forts were captured and further expanded. With the British, aiding the overthrowing of the Dutch, many of these Dutch forts were occupied during the Napoleonic War.

However only some of these forts still stand today which includes the following:

  • Colombo Fort
  • Galle Fort
  • Fort Fredrick
  • Jaffna Fort
  • Batticaloa Fort
  • Matara Fort
  • Star Fort
  • Fort Macdowall
  • Kalpitiya Fort
  • Negombo Fort
  • Mannar Fort
  • Martello Tower of Hambantota

Forts in Sri Lanka

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