Bolgoda Lake

Bolgoda Lake is the largest and the most scenic natural lake in Sri Lanka. Extending to an area from Piliyandala to Anguruwatota, this enormous fresh water lake covers an area of 374 square kilometres. The depth of the lake varies at different places between 20 and 50 feet.

At the time of colonial rule and maninly during the Dutch era,  the Bolgoda Lake was used as an excellent waterway that helped transport people and goods. It was very helpful in transporting timber from the Sinharaja Forest to the large amount of timber mills located in the Moratuwa area. During British rule the lake was mostly used as a leisure spot that included activities like bird watching and hunting.

The stunning Bolgoda Lake is rich in bio diversity, where it boasts of 45 different types of fish, 40 types of reptiles, 15 kinds of amphibia and 31 types of mammals.  The birds that exist in the surrounding area of the lake also add to its bio diversity and unique natural beauty. 

The Bolgoda Lake, which resides in the south-west regions of the island and can be found on the borders of Greater Colombo, this wonderful destination is one of the key tourism sites in the area. As a key source for freshwater in the western parts of Sri Lanka, the lake is largely undertake for irrigation facilities production of fish and at times water is used for industrial processes.

With rehabilitation and conservation steps taken by the government and other environmental organisation, the future of Bolgoda Lake is rest assured. With the introduction of organic farming methods, mangrove restoration means, instigation of an environment education and whole lot more, the lake is sure to flourish in the future. Be awed by the various creatures and foliage of the lake, as well as partake in the many adventures on offer, which include water sports and boat rides available. As a natural treasure to the country, Bolgoda Lake is wonderland of exotic beauty and is the place for a day of leisure.

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