Independence Commemoration Hall

Independence Commemoration Hall located on Independence Square is known as one of the most prominent locations in Colombo. It is commonly used as a place where Sri Lankans come together in unison for significant national celebrations and cultural activities. The Independence Commemoration Hall is also used to host ceremonies that mark national unity.

This unique and outstanding monument positioned in the heart of Sri Lanka’s commercial capital Colombo, commemorates the country’s independence from foreign rule. Sri Lanka gained independence on the 4th of February 1948 from the British who were the final colonial rulers of the country.

However, this exceptional memorial hall was constructed quite some time after Sri Lanka gained independence. Keeping in line with ancient local architectural styles, the Independence Commemoration Hall was built according to a Kandyan audience hall. It is made completely out of concrete with enormous pillars. The architecture here is simply elegant and is of distinct Sri Lankan style that can’t be found elsewhere in the world.

One of the unique features of the Independence Commemoration Hall is its rows of stone lions that guard this great monument, which is also an impressive piece of art. The elaborated stone carvings and painting found at the memorial hall are simply breathtaking. This striking site in Colombo has become a major tourist attraction due to its historical significance and extraordinary work of architecture.

A statue of Sri Lanka’s first Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Don Stephen Senanayake is placed at the head of The Independence Commemoration Hall. Even today, Sri Lankan citizens and leaders come to The Independence Commemoration Hall on Independence Square to celebrate Independence Day each year in a spectacular ceremony.

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