Monuments & Memorials in Sri Lanka

Everything from homage to Great Leaders to famous and divine religious sites, Sri Lanka has it all. Buddhist culture is strongly represented with numerous religious sites dedicated to various aspects of its teachings and ancient tradition. Key religious sites include Dambulla Temple, Dalada Maligawa & Isurumuniya Temple.

Beyond religion and historical figures there are also several military related sites of interest that are reminders of Sri Lanka’s past as a strategic location for both the British and Dutch Empires.

The monuments of the country reflect the diverse nature of the population, and its resulting history. When visiting Sri Lanka, be prepared to find a mash up of several different cultures that have functioned together harmoniously for centuries.

Statues of various leaders are located throughout the island through predominately in Colombo which has statues erected in honour of political leaders and numerous other important figures.

Memorials that are of great importance to the Sri Lanka population is used to commemorate key events in the history of the country.

When visiting Sri Lanka visitors are ensured of being able to find an array of monuments and memorials to ensure that their stay is a busy one.

Monuments & Memorials in Sri Lanka

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