Rivers in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a land that is blessed with a healthy offering of natural bounties especially when it comes to rivers and other natural formations. The majority of the rivers in the country originate form the highlands and cannot be reached in their upper reaches. 

These lakes add to the diverse nature of this tropical country and truly add to its beauty.
The longest river in Sri Lanka is the Mahaweli that is around 330 KM in length and plays an important role in providing power to certain parts of the country. The second longest river is the Aravi Aru which earns its position with a length of 220 KM.

Even though much of Sri Lanka is dry and features very little in the way of permanent rivers, a certain area in the South West of the country features a high concentration of lakes making it one of the most fertile areas in the country.

The rivers also support a rich offering of life including various aquatic plants, bivalves and fish. Sri Lanka also has up to 90 species of fish and 21 crabs while some ongoing studies seem to suggest that there is the possibility that there are more undiscovered species located on the island.


Rivers in Sri Lanka

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