Attractions in Sri Lanka

Attractions in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country that is home to a diverse array of attractions, and visitors to the island will not be disappointed with the offerings that are provided. Sri Lanka features beaches, religious temples and sites, the chance to indulge in a safari of nature, and a profound history that is deeply inter woven in to the fabric of the country itself.

The urban areas provide all the modern day amenities and attractions that one would expect to find such as shopping complexes, nightclubs and pubs in addition to various other venues of interest.

For those who want to soak in the waves and lie under the sun, Sri Lanka has a plentiful offering of beaches that are sure to delight visitors. Key beaches in the country include Hikkaduwa, Benthota ,Arugum Bay, Nillawalli and Pasikuda.

For the botany-lovers and horticulturists there are several botanical gardens that are located around the country which provide the perfect opportunity to sample the various plants that grow there. Most of these are located in environments that are cool and placid providing the perfect place to indulge in a stroll through nature. Many of these gardens are also old and have a rich history behind them. Two of the most popular gardens in Sri Lanka are the Royal Botanic Gardens in Peradeniya and the Hakgala Botanical Gardens.

Sri Lanka also has several forts that are a testament and sign of the countries colonial past and structures that were used by the Dutch, Portuguese and British are still left intact in numerous parts of the country. Some of the famous ones are Fort Frederick and Galle Fort. Such attractions are also a vital parts of the country’s culture and history as they have played a major impact on the development of the nation.

When it comes to nature, Sri Lanka is in no shortage to attractions. Visitors to the country can discover the various lakes, rivers, hills and mountains that the country is blessed with. Notable sights are Adams Peak, Sigiriya, Mahaweli Ganga and St Claire’s waterfall. But these are just the tip of the iceberg and there is so much more on offer for visitors to Sri Lanka.

Wildlife is also abundant in the country as it has a diverse ecosystem that allows for the survival of an immense amount of different species of life. Scattered in several regions of the country are the different wild life reserves including Udawalawe National Park and Yala National Park. Visitors to the array of sites will be privy to views of various animals that include beasts such as leopards and majestic elephants in addition to a plethora of birds and other creatures such as alligators and deer.

Sri Lanka is also home to various monuments and memorials that pay homage to past leaders and historical events in the country. Key attractions that should not be missed include Naka Vihara, Cenotaph War Memorial and the National War Memorial.

Depicting the history and cultural values of the country are various museums. While many of the major ones are located in the big cities such as Colombo there are several others located in different locations around the country. Notable museums include the National Maritime Museum (Galle), Sigirya Museum and the National Museum in Colombo.

In recognition of the splendour and wonder of the various sites that are located in the country, many of these have been named as World Heritage Sites including Sigiriya, Sri Dalada Maligawa, Anuradhapuraya and Sinharaja Forest Reserve. These sites provide a healthy mix of religious sites, natural wonders and historical monuments.


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