Waterfalls in Sri Lanka

Completing its rich and diverse countryside are the numerous waterfalls that can be found throughout the country. With beautiful and pristine waters flowing through the rocks guests to the country are in for a natural treat.

Sri Lanka has approximately 382 waterfalls which are well distributed around the country. This high concentration of waterfalls compared to its land area makes Sri Lanka the country with the largest number of waterfalls in the world. Many of the most prominent and breathtaking falls are located in the Rathnapura and Nuwara Eliya districts while the other are scattered around the south west and the southern parts of the country.

These waterfalls all originate from the hills and are fed by the two monsoons that take place here every year. Unfortunately however only some of these waterfalls can be accessed easily as other are located inside thick forest and jungle preventing easy access.

Most of the waterfalls in Sri Lanka are surrounded by immense scenic beauty and are spellbinding to say the least. The folk tales which accompany many waterfalls in Sri Lanka adds an aura of mystique to these magnificent natural wonders. Waterfalls are a part of the natural side of Sri Lanka that should not be missed when travelling to the country.




Waterfalls in Sri Lanka

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