Aquatic Life in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka with its tropical climate is home to various forms of aquatic and marine life. It is for this reason that many visit the island in order to take part in the various marine related activities that are on offer.

Visitors to the island can indulge in Maritime Turtle Watching. There are only eight species of Marine Turtle that are in existence at present and five of these species inhabit Sri Lanka. Each year these turtles visit the beaches of the island in order to lay the eggs of their young. The best time for turtle watching is in the night, which is complimented by the cool Sri Lankan climate.

Another popular activity is that of whale and dolphin watching which provides a chance to catch glimpses of these beautiful creatures up-close and personal. The main destinations that this activity is offered are at Bentota and Kirinda.

Divers will also find an array of options to satisfy their deep-sea diving cravings in Sri Lanka. Divers to this island paradise will discover the wonderful and rich coral shells and veets in addition to a host of fish and other marine life. Waters in Sri Lanka are also blue and clear presenting an exotic diving experience.

Deep sea fishing is also on offer and fishing enthusiasts will find that the game in Sri Lanka is ripe with diversity providing an extremely pleasurable and entertaining experience.

Whether it’s watching marine life from a distance or up close, Sri Lanka offers it all.

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