Bird Watching in Sri Lanka

Being home to a rich offering of bird life, visiting Sri Lanka provides the eager bird lovers plenty of opportunities to observe these creatures as they indulge in their day-to-day activities.

Due to the country’s incredibly diverse weather conditions that breed different habitats, there are numerous different areas to view the various birds of Sri Lanka. Many of the birds that are endemic to the country are restricted to the wet zones and include birds such as Yellow-Eared Bulbul and the Sri Lankan Myna.

There are over 400 bird species to be found on the Island though the majority of these are resident birds which means they were not native to the country. These include the Spot Winged Thrush and Red Faced Malkoha.

At the forefront of bird watching areas is the Sinharaja Rainforest which has been deemed a World Heritage Site. It has been awarded this distinction as it is Sri Lanka’s most beautiful and bountiful rainforest.

Another key destination for the ardent bird watcher is the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary that is located near the famous Adam’s Peak. This sanctuary is home to an array of birds from various different families of birds.

The Polonnaruwa Archaeological Reserve Area also houses an assortment of birds. There are also bird sanctuaries that are dedicated to both preserving and showcasing the various species that have made Sri Lanka their home. One can be found at Kumana which is 312km from Colombo. This bird sanctuary has a unique feature of having a natural swamp where several water birds freely fly and nest during the months of May and June.

Other sanctuaries include Wirawila in Tissamaharama and The Kalametiya Sanctuary.

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