Diverse Destinations

As one of world’s quintessential paradise destinations, Sri Lanka offers a cultural mash-up of England colonialism and Southeast Asian traditions which make this archipelago unique. With a civilization existing from 500BC, Sri Lanka has a proud heritage and therefore showcases some wondrous feats of the by gone empires. Buddhism take centre stage in this island and many ancient Buddhist shrines and sites can be found all around.

While certain places are better for a sun-drenched break, there’s more to this country than kicking back with a cocktail. You can spend your days hiking through the lush jungles, relaxing on the picture-perfect beaches or diving and exploring the island’s underwater heritage. From golden sandy beaches to verdant rainforests and wonderful wildlife, there are plenty of opportunities to find that vacation vibe and trust us, they are quite the stuff of holiday fantasy!


Home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Galle is a must visit destination during your holiday in Sri Lanka. The town offers a wealth of exciting and interesting places to visit and spend time in.


The cosmopolitan metropolis city of Colombo, Sri Lanka is a tropical sanctuary with a rich colonial heritage. This city is home to the most coveted attractions, dining hotspots and retail hubs in the country.


Boasting good waves, golden sandy beaches, Hikkaduwa is a seaside resort town located in the south-west, Sri Lanka. Since the 1970s, this town has been a firm fixture on the tourist map of the country.


Home to a myriad of historic landmarks, iconic temples and botanical spaces, Kandy is the second largest city in the country. Head over to this city to discover the monarchical charms from a bygone era.


Renowned as the cultural heard of the country, Anuradhapura is Sri Lanka’s first major capital lined with age-old temples. Visit this city located in the north central province of the country to explore the religious compounds.


A port city situated on the northeast coast of Sri Lanka, Trincomalee has a recorded history of more than two and a half thousand years. This town is a renowned vantage point for blue whale watching.


The sky-piercing UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sigiriya, is a must visit holiday hub in the Cultural Triangle. Discover the many wonders including the Sigiriya Rock Fortress during your stay.