Relish the rushes of adrenaline as you partake in many of the adventure sports that are on offer to visitors to Sri Lanka.

With exotic locations offering you ideal venues to enjoy the delights of taking part in sports such as canoeing, kayaking as well as white water rafting on the cool waves of the hill county streams and rivers. Beyond water sports, visitors also have the option of indulging in hiking, trekking and even mountain biking, as they make their way into the wilderness of Sri Lanka.

Other activities that are on offer also include the National Cycle Trail, ballooning over the beautiful island, rock climbing, safaris, windsurfing, and even banana boating.

Make sure to enjoy all these activities, as you traverse the land looking forward to adventure and excitement. One of the more serene attractions is whale and dolphin watching which can be done in peace and quiet as you take a boat out into the sea and watch these beautiful marine mammals swim in tranquility amongst one another.