Dining options are plentiful in the country and guests have the chance to choose from various types of food providers that not only vary in the type of food that they provide but also in the quality and pricing. One thing for sure visitors to Sri Lanka are presented with an impressive selection of choice and no matter what your budget or price range is, you are sure to find an option for you.

The country’s typical food is coconut based and the staple part of the diet is rice. The rice is usually eaten with an array of curries that complement the food and are filled with an array of spices that truly bring out the flavour of the food.

Guests will also find that the diverse nature of the population consisting of different ethnicities has allowed the country’s cuisine to also be altered in a similar fashion.

However, should the local options on offer not be suitable for you there are also various western restaurants that provide cuisines from countries such as Italy, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Sri Lankans are extremely passionate when it comes to food, and visitors to the country will most certainly not be disappointed with the offerings that are provided.