Being home to an impressive and diverse array of fauna, Sri Lanka also provides several wildlife reserves that are designed to present visitors with an all-encompassing experience. These nature reserves permit visitors to observe wild animals in their natural habitat which provides for a rewarding excursion.

Located in different parts of the country, each of these areas features a different climate and environment which also results in different animals being present in the area.

The reserves all exist to protect and preserve the animals that are located in the country. One of the main animals which must be preserved is the elephant which is one of the country’s most prominent animals. The largest and most famous parks in the country are Gal-Oya, Wilpattu, Ruhuna-Yala, Minneriya-Girithale, Uda Walawe, Wasgamuwa and Horton Plains.

There are distinctions that must be made amongst Wildlife reserves and sanctuaries. Guests should note that sanctuaries allow human interactions with the animals whilst in nature reserves the human interaction that is allowed is limited due to the preservative nature of the location.

For the nature lover, a visit to Sri Lanka provides the chance to discover a rich variety of animal species that is sure to provide for an exotic and memorable trip.