A Boat ride to the Seenigama Vihara settled on an island

Located on its very own island, the Seenigama Vihara is a site of great religious and cultural significance! It is a Buddhist place of worship and it is popular for a rather unconventional reason. It is believed that is if a victim of a theft visits the temple and prays, the thief will be cursed with hardships and despair in his/her life. Apart from its legend, thousands of devotees visit here to receive blessings and for good fortune. The island boasts a tranquil ambience and if you visit here during a weekday you can experience serenity in quiet contemplation. With its unique location, the temple also offers stunning vistas of the Indian ocean and it is an idyllic spot to enjoy spectacular sunsets!

One of the key aspects of visiting this temple is you need to use a boat shuttle to reach the island where the temple is located and the crossing experience will certainly be worth your while. The best time to visit the island is during morning and evening hours since the sun can be unforgiving in the day time.

Travellers who plan to visit this island should also be mindful of a few things; the temple can be crowded during days that are significant to Buddhism so check the local calendar before you plan your visit here. keep in mind that it is a religious site and you will have to dress modestly covering your shoulders and knees before entering the temple premises. You will also have to remove your footwear before entering the temple.