Laws in Sri Lanka

Whenever you’re planning to visit a new country or region, it’s best to look up the do’s and don’ts associated with the destination. These usually come in the form of laws, and it’s in everyone’s best interests that you follow them. So, here are a few important laws that operate in Sri Lanka that you should be aware of.

To start off with, recreational drug use is illegal in Sri Lanka and seen as a major offense. Even a small amount of cannabis can lead to severe punishments – so, simply put, stay away from illicit substances during your trip. Similarly, indecent exposure is seen as a major offense in Sri Lanka. So, if you’re getting a tan on the beach be sure that you’re adequately covering up yourself.

You might be inclined to take snapshots of all the exciting sights and attractions that you’ll be visiting. Do note however, taking pictures of some Buddhist temples and certain government institutions is strictly prohibited. So, it’s always safe to check first and take photographs later. Finally, keep in mind that without a resident visa, foreigners cannot work in the country even for a few weeks.