Home to a myriad of historic landmarks, iconic temples and botanical spaces, Kandy is the second-largest city in the country. Head over to this city to discover the monarchical charms from a bygone era for an awe-inspiring vacation.


Kandy being dubbed a UNESCO world heritage site is renowned among both local and foreign travellers for its cultural and religious value coupled with its scenic beauty.

Being home to the Royal Palace and the Temple of the Sacred Tooth, where the holy relic of the tooth of the Buddha is housed, this city is reckoned by all Buddhists around the world as one of the holiest places and is thronged by countless devotees all year round.

This town is huddled during the month of August due to the “Esala Perahera” which is hosted as an annual tradition of Sri Dalada Maligawa (the Temple of the Sacred Tooth). This magnificent procession boasts more than 50 bedecked elephants along with colourful Kandyan dancers and drummers. It usually attracts a myriad of foreign tourists who value the rich cultural heritage of this heavenly city.

Kandy offers its visitors a unique experience with its diverse range of sights located in and around the city. These sights range from cultural, religious, historical and environmental attractions located in and around Kandy. Delve deep into the past while you saunter the streets of Kandy.
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Things to do
In order to witness all these attractions and partake in the fabulous activities, visitors will require a few days’ worth of indulgence. Water sports and cultural events take the limelight in the ancient city of Kandy along with trails for hiking.
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Culinary Delights
To complement the relaxing atmosphere in the old capital of Sri Lanka are the wonderful dining options available. Enjoy a plate of local rice and curry or a fancy western dish at one of the restaurants in the area. Fast food is an option too.
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