Witness the Rich Cultural Heritage of Kandy at the Lankatilaka Temple

Perched on top of a rocky outcrop named Panhalgala, Lankatilaka Temple is one of Sri Lanka’s well-preserved temples that is more than 600 years old! Boasting an immaculate architectural design, the religious site that stands tall against the tales of time. Historical evidence state that Lankatilaka Temple was built in the 14th century by king Bhuvanekabahu the fourth and it is regarded as one of the most beautifully designed temples of this era. Historians state that the temple’s architecture shows a strong resemblance to south Indian art and the interiors are embellished with traditional sculptures of Singhalese tradition.

Every bit of the temple’s interior is adorned with traditional Kandyan paintings and presents an artistic treat to the onlooker. The image house of the temple features five ‘devales’ (temples), each dedicated to a deity. The deities worshipped here are namely, Lord Ganapathy, God Upulvan, Saman, Vibishana, and Kumara Bandara who is believed to be the guardian and protector of the temple.

The temple also features carved inscriptions which are in Both Tamil and Sinhala, this instils evidence that even back then people of different ethnic backgrounds lived in harmony. They also mention about the temple’s initiators and the donations granted to the temple by the kings. Surrounded by a tranquil ambience, the temple offers a unique yet enticing exploration experience for its visitors. People with a knack for ancient art, history buffs, and the curious souls would love this experience and they will indeed treasure this memory for a lifetime!