Pay a Visit to the Bahirawakanda Temple

Bahirawakanda is a village located at the very heart of Kandy. The great Bahirawa Kanda, an enormous mountain, towers over the settlement. Its most famous attraction is the Bahirawakanda Temple – also called the Sri Maha Bodi Viharaya – and visiting this sacred historical site alone is worth the trip to this reclusive little village.

The Bahirawakanda Vihara has a prominent Buddha statue that is located at its entrance. The statue itself is quite massive, being as tall as 88m. This makes it one of the largest Buddha statues found in the whole of Sri Lanka! It is so large that it’s visible from most areas of Kandy City. The statue is seated in the Nirvana pose and maintains a quiet vigil over the surrounding area.

The statue and the temple are located atop a hill that’s just 2km away from the famed sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic. The Buddha statue was constructed many decades ago – 1972 to be exact – and display an amazing degree of skill and craftsmanship. The sculpture is pure white and bathes the whole area in a calming atmosphere of serenity and tranquillity. You can head on inside to the temple itself and gaze upon a quaint refuge that serves as a sacred location for the local Buddhist populace.

One shouldn’t forget the spectacular view you’ll be treated to from up here. You can gaze upon the bustling city in the distance and the towering mountain ranges beyond. Be sure to snap a few pictures while you’re there!