Experience Central Market Kandy

Kandy is quite a scenic city. Being nestled amidst rolling hills and containing some of the most unique and picturesque architectural works found in Sri Lanka, it truly is a city worth visiting. The Central Market in Kandy is one of the liveliest and varied markets found anywhere on the island – a definite must-visit for all shopaholics!

The Kandy Central Market is found on the aptly named Market Street and belongs to the city’s Municipal Council. As such, it is sometimes referred to as the Kandy Municipal Market. It is a vital shopping location for the local populace. Hundreds of locals regularly flood into the market hoping to get their hands on fresh produce, spices, tea and a host of other essential commodities.

For travellers, the market is an excellent place to immerse yourself in the local culture and get to know some of Kandy’s denizens. You can also bag some items for relatively cheap here at the market; maybe you’re looking for some authentic island memorabilia or perhaps even some produce for yourself. Particular mention should be given to the extravagant fruit stalls found on-site. Sri Lanka is a fertile land known for a diverse variety of fruits – all of which can be found and bought here. So, if you’re looking to get a real taste of the tropical delicacies the island has to offer, you should definitely check the markets out.

All in all, the market will take about 3 hours to fully explore. There’s plenty of restaurants and cafes nearby if you start feeling pecking or are in need of refreshments. There are also various sources of entertainment to be had amidst the market – be it street performers or broadcasts – so there’s never a dull moment at the Central Market!