Home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Galle is a must-visit destination during your holiday in Sri Lanka. The town offers a wealth of exciting and interesting places to visit and spend time in. Explore this coastal city on your next vacation.


Galle which is well known for its cultural value and scenic beauty is located to the south of Colombo. The Galle town is the capital of the Southern province where nearly 73% of the city’s population is Sinhalese. Among the prominent places in the Galle town are the Galle Fort, the Wakwella Bridge, Galle Cricket Stadium, and the “Gin Ganga” to name a few.

Another place you must visit in Galle is Unawatuna Bay, which provides safe swimming and snorkelling well popular among the tourists. Usually, tourists are fond of buying souvenirs from Galle such as handmade lace, Batik dresses, moonstones etc which can be bought at a reasonable price from the village community.

Among all these attractions, the hospitality and the warm welcome you receive from the residents in Galle is unbelievable. They pride themselves in hospitality and welcome any local or foreign visitor to the city with much affection. It is of no doubt that Galle will provide any visitor with a new and dynamic experience. So, plan your next visit to the city of Galle where you will find numerous attractions that will enchant you.

With the fantastic views of the ocean from the giant fort, which is best visited in the evening, Galle is a city with historic charm. Here are a few places that are well-sought after by tourists visiting this coastal city.
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Things to do
From discovering a UNESCO World Heritage Site to having a unique souvenir shopping experience, the mellow city of Galle offers more than just a dreamy sunset by the ocean when it comes to things to do. Have a look at the activities the city offers.
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Culinary Delights
Dining in Galle is just one way to experience the beauty of the city. Indulge yourself in a sea of flavours while you stroll through the cobblestone paths at the old Dutch Hospital or stopover at a fine dining restaurant.
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