Galle Harbour

At the very edge of Galle where the land meets the sea, you’ll find a beautiful natural harbour that has played a pivotal role in Sri Lanka’s long and storied history. Nowadays, the harbour is full of exciting attractions to see and experience and you should definitely consider making a trip here

Galle Harbour was one of the major harbours in the country since ancient times – even before the arrival of European colonists! It would continue to be the island’s most important port until the construction of an artificial harbour in Colombo in 1873. One of the major reasons for the harbour’s popularity, particularly during colonial times, was the presence of the Galle Fort. This fortification served as the main seat of governance for both the Portuguese and the Dutch, and as such, many merchant ships, trade vessels and warships would pass through Galle Harbour.

For anyone interested in learning about the maritime history of Sri Lanka, a visit to the Galle harbour is a must. Not only will you be able to witness the magnificence of the Galle Fort, but you’ll also be able to observe all of the colonial era architecture present here in great detail. What’s more, you’ll also din the National Maritime Museum just a few steps away from the harbour. This establishment houses a plethora of artefacts and relics – from weapons to mintage – that belonged to the colonial era. Thereby, visiting the museum will allow you to form a greater picture of how life was like back during those times.

If you’re a yachtsman and have a passion for sailing, you will undoubtedly want to make a trip to the harbour. In fact, it is the only port in Sri Lanka that provides the necessary facilities for pleasure yachts! Also, be sure to cap off your visit to the harbour by climbing up the Galle Lighthouse – the view is unbeatable.

From Colombo
124 km via Southern Expy/E01
Time Duration
2 h 7 min
Entrance Ticket