The cosmopolitan metropolis city of Colombo, Sri Lanka is a tropical sanctuary with a rich colonial heritage. This city is home to the most coveted attractions, dining hotspots and retail hubs in the country. Some of the best city experiences await those seeking to explore beautiful Colombo.


Although Sri Lanka’s beaches may be the best for a blissed-out break, the cosmopolitan metropolis, Colombo, stands in stark contrast, a nonstop whirl of shopping malls, and busy streets. The city’s pace is nothing short of electric and accommodates a population of over 750,000.

It was regarded as the national capital till the 1980s, when plans were made to make the city the hub for commercial activities moving all the government corporations to the new capital, Sri Jayewardenepura, Kotte. Colombo is well known for the Galle Face Green, Colombo Harbour, Colombo National Museum and the “Viharamahadevi Park”. The Galle Face Green is the city’s largest open space with a magnificent view attracting many local and foreign tourists. Colombo is amicably compromised of modern facilities and infrastructure such as luxury shopping malls, apartments, highways, and five-star hotels. Enjoy the bewitching Colombo sunset at a rooftop bar, which is sure to give you a sense of calm amongst the chaos.

Colombo may look all modern at first glance, but a detailed scan of the city will prove that pieces of history and the ways of multi-culturalism still lives on. Here’s a closer look at the hidden gems of the city of Colombo.
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Things to Do
If you are wondering what to do in Colombo, think no more! There are plenty of options for shopping, a wide array of places to explore, enjoy a relaxed stroll on the beach or to unwind at your cosy abode. It's all up to you, but here’s what most travellers look forward to.
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Culinary Delights
Be it fine dining, restaurants that specialise in local cuisine, or bistros with a one-of-a-kind experience to offer, Colombo has it all. What do you feel like today? Check out your options right here.
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