Experience Colombo like a local

With modern highrise buildings, staggering new property developments, a multitude of entertainment hubs, vivid nightlife and oodles of attractions, Colombo is regarded by travellers as a metropolis in the making. Though there are different approaches to exploring this city, the truly authentic and interesting way is to experience it like a local!

First and foremost, In order to explore Colombo like a local, you need to travel like a local and the best way to do that is to hail a tuk-tuk! Tuk-tuks are three-wheeled taxies which are quite common in the country and they certainly offer a unique travel experience – especially to foreign tourists! All you have to do is to name a popular attraction in Colombo and he will take you there. Some of the highly recommended attractions that you should consider visiting are the Galle Face Green (you could also include the One Galle Face mall as well), the National Museum, Viharamadhevi Park, the Independence Square and the Arcade, the streets of Pettah and the Gangarama temple. These are just a list of attractions to start with but there are so much more places to see in Colombo and we suggest that you should also do a little bit of research to select attractions according to your liking.

Another major part of exploring the city like a local is savouring its amazing food! With a myriad of street food stalls and an extensive array of fried savoury delights, the Galle Face is an ideal place to start learning to eat like a local. The isso wade – a deep-fried delicacy made with lentils and prawns is a must-try item when you are here. Another staple Sri Lankan dish that must be on your menu is the Kottu which is made from shredded pieces of a flatbread called ‘godhamba’ roti and mixing it with vegetables, eggs, meat/seafood and gravy. You can find this dish being served at almost all local restaurants. There is also a place in Sri Lanka which goes by the name “Aluth Kade” this is indeed the streetfood central of Sri Lanka. With a myriad of food stalls with open kitchens, travellers could enjoy a variety of street food items that are prepared to perfection while you are in Colombo. Aluth Kade is also the perfect last stop on your exploration since the variety of street food you will have here will make you call it a day as you cannot get any further with a full tummy!