Enjoy Spectacular Sunsets by Beira Lake

Located at the very heart of a rising metropolis, Beira Lake is one of the key attractions of Colombo. The lake is surrounded by a plethora of stunning high-rise buildings and it sits amidst numerous aspiring development projects. The lake is fed by a network of canals and it plays an intricate role in Colombo’s water management and flood control systems. In terms of experiences, the lake offers a plethora of leisure activities which includes swan boat rides, kayaking, rowing and so much more.

The main draw, however, is the scene in the evening during which the lake shimmers with the reflected rays of the evening sun, the high rises in the background and the setting sun over the horizon… the view is so surreal and wonderful it instils something wonderful in your hearts and it has the potential of becoming a cherished memory in your minds forever. A stroll along the walkways around the lake could also be a soothing experience. The lake also offers refuge to a menagerie of wildlife including different species of fish, pelicans, storks, and monitor lizards. Located at proximity to the lake lies Colombo city centre, which is a high-end shopping mall that is home to a variety of flagship stores, restaurants and entertainment hubs. It also features a terrace, that offers the perfect viewing platform to enjoy amazing views of the lake along with the stunning sunset.

The Beira Lake is also home to an island and a temple; the island has a well-landscaped garden and seating areas where you can settle in and relax. The temple which is known by the name the Gangaramaya Temple is regarded as one of the most important temples in Colombo. It boasts an immaculate architectural design that is an elegant mix of both modern and cultural fares. Visiting both the island and the temple will add more colour to your exploration experience.