Best of Night Life in Colombo

People flock to Sri Lanka from all across the globe for various reasons. Some come for the white sand beaches, other to experience the country’s rich history. Now, it’s also possible you’re here to party it up – if so, you won’t be disappointed! The bustling hub of Colombo has some of the best nightlife you’ll find anywhere on the island.

Casinos hold a prominent role in Colombo’s nightlife scene, so if you’re a betting person and have a bit of that gambling itch about you, be sure to hit up one of the casinos. Bot Bally’s Casino and the Bellagio Casino are excellent options for some high-stakes fun. Here you can try your hand at some games including three card poker, blackjack, roulette or see how your luck holds in the slots. In these establishments, food and drinks are on the house! So be sure to stay full and refreshed as you enjoy all the games – and maybe even make a few bucks along the way!

If you’re more into the music, dance and drinks, there’s plenty of night bars you can hit up in Colombo. Some great examples include the Loft Lounge Bar, ZAZA Bar and the Sky Lounge. Here you can order some of your favourite drinks and cocktails and work up a cheery buzz as your vibe to the tunes played by the local DJs. Then of course, you can hit the dance floor and show off your moves – it is sure to be quite the memorable night!

You might also be in the mood for something a little more mellow – perhaps you’re looking for a more laid-back outing with friends. If that’s the case, consider the many cafes and lounges dotted around Colombo. These are the perfect place to relax, have a drink and while away the night surrounded by good company.