Pay a visit to the Pettah Market for locally grown products

Located east of the famous Colombo Fort, Pettah is a chaotic market that perfectly encapsulates the hustle and bustle associated with Sri Lanka’s mercantile capital. No matter how unruly it may seem, a trip to the Pettah Market is one you should definitely make if you’re in the area – it is sure to be a hectic yet fun experience that’ll stick with you for years to come.

There’s plenty of ways to get to Pettah Market but by far the easiest would be to grab a tuk-tuk. Almost all the driver will know the market by name and will take you there quickly. The market itself is found on a particularly busy district of Colombo which adds to all the chaos, but also infuses Pettah Market with its own inimitable atmosphere and feel.

So, what can you actually hope to buy at the market? Well, there are actually separate streets dedicated to different trades here, making your job of exploring the market that much easier. You can start off with the first street which is dedicated to electrical goods. Here’s where you’ll find everything from DVD players to mobile phones and even air conditioners. Next up on the second street, we have perfumes and cosmetics followed by clothing vendors on the third street. These are great if you want to parade around in some authentic island memorabilia Further along you will come across sections dedicated to jewellery, wedding accessories and even chemicals and pharmaceutical supplies. Simply put, you’ll find everything you need and more during your visit to the market.

Now, all this walking around and perusing you’re sure to work up an appetite. That is when you head on over to Fourth and Fifth Street. Here you’ll find all manner of restaurant and cafes. So, sit down, relax and order yourself drink and revel in the ethnic melting pot you’re surrounded by. You can even pick out some fresh produce to take back with you here!