National Museum

Established in 1877, the National Museum of Colombo is a treasure trove of Sri Lankan artefacts and relics, all of which offer a portal into a bygone age that lets you experience the rich cultural history of Sri Lanka. Originally founded by Sir William Gregory, the British governor of the island at the time, the museum showcases many fascinating discoveries that date as far back as the prehistoric era, alongside findings belonging to the kingdoms of Anuradhapura, Pollonnaruwa and more.

The museum itself is bathed in a calm and relaxing atmosphere with quiet gardens surrounding the main building. This allows you to explore the premises at your own pace – stroll through the pathways and gaze upon ancient rock carvings or head inside and observe centuries-old paintings that once adorned the palaces of Kings. A particular highlight is the actual throne of King Wimaladharmasuriya II, the King of Kandy during the late 17th century. Of course, there’s plenty of artefacts that showcase the country’s colonial past as well, from swords, early guns and other weaponry to faithful reproductions of British paintings of Sri Lanka.

After a long day of exploring you can head to the charming café found near the premises. Here you can cool off, grab a bite to eat and reflect on the many wonderful relics you’ve just witnessed.

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