Kandy Railway Museum

The railway’s service plays an important role in the daily goings-on of Sri Lanka. For many locals, the trains are still the best way to make their daily commutes. For tourists and sightseers, a voyage aboard a train through Sri Lanka can be a captivating experience that sticks with them for years to come. So, why not celebrate the diverse role trains play and learn about the history of Sri Lanka’s railway service by visiting the Kandy Railway Museum!

The museum is found adjacent to the Kadugannawa Station, just around 16 kilometres away from Kandy. Opened in December of 2014, the Kandy Railway Museum celebrates over 150 years of Sri Lankan railway history. The Kadugannawa Station was selected as the site of the museum due to the existence of a vacant granite railway warehouse that could act as the perfect venue for the establishment.

The museum contains a number of interesting exhibits, most notably locomotives and carriages of different make and design. These are positioned in such a way to illustrate the passage of time and how railway technology has evolved with it. You’ll even be able to find remnants of the first steam engine that ran along Sri Lanka’s railway tracks. Entrance to the museum will cost you 500 Sri Lankan Rupees, but it will also nab you a sweet souvenir in the form of a replica railway ticket!

Aside from all the locomotives and carriages, you’ll also be able to view and examine an array of railway equipment, signs and memorabilia – it can all be fascinating to see up-close. You’ll even be treated to a model railway that’s complete with trains riding all around it!

From Colombo
106 km
Time Duration
2 h 26 min
Entrance Ticket

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