Sigiriya Museum

Sigiriya is one of the most famous and travelled-to destinations in Sri Lanka. This is in no small part due to it being home to the 8th wonder of the world – the Sigiriya Rock Fortress. But there’s a lot more to this historical location than just that. To truly understand all the secrets hidden away at Sigiriya, be sure to stop by the fantastic Sigiriya Museum while you’re there.

The museum itself is surrounded by lush patches of forests that give the envelop the whole area in a calm and tranquil atmosphere. To enter the establishment, you’ll have to take a brick tunnel underground. You will re-emerge in the centre of the museum. The architecture and ambience of the museum attempt to mimic the Lion Rock as much as possible – down to the material used to construct the walls and stairways.

The museum exhibit collection is quite impressive. It harbours artefacts and relics dating all the way back to prehistoric times. Fossilised remains of ancient humans are even on display here, alongside the ancient tools, jewellery and weapons they must’ve once use.

A visit to the museum can be quite informative as well. Large boards and display an array of information, photographs and drawings to extensively explain the history and significance of the exhibits on display. What’s more, you’ll find several dioramas here that reconstruct Sigiriya as it looked during the reign of King Kashyapa when the rock fortress was the capital of the entire island. This allows you to form a vivid picture of how Sigiriya has transformed through the years – from ancient capital to historic attraction – step by step.

From Colombo
181 km
Time Duration
3 h 56 min
Entrance Ticket

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