Whale Watching in Galle

Embark on a thrilling whale watching tour on the high seas off Sri Lanka’s south coast and get closer than ever to some of the largest and most majestic animals on the face of the planet. A cruise along Sri Lanka’s deep blue waters surrounded by the giants of the ocean is sure to be an experience you won’t soon forget.

Your typical whale watching tour will begin when you leave your hotel in the early hours of the morning. From here you’ll be heading to the Mirissa harbour and hopping aboard your tour vessel. With the Sri Lankan coastguard being extra strict when it comes to safety, you can relax comfortably knowing you’re in the hands of professionals. Cast off into the blue expanse and feel the morning sea breeze caress your skin, the brilliant oceanic sunrise will also start to form up now. A typical whale watching cruise will go on for about 6 hours – all the while, remember to keep your eyes fixed on the water and looking for movement!

There are plenty of cetacean species you’re likely to encounter on your cruise, with each displaying unique behaviours that’ll keep you enthralled throughout the day. The blue whale is the largest and most magnificent sight to see here – adults of this species can reach a length that exceeds over 25 meters! But they are not the only giants you’ll encounter with a little luck as huge humpback whales are known to breach in these waters!

It’s not only giant whales that inhabit these waters, plenty of smaller marine mammals regularly visit the rich waters off of Galle’s coast, the most notable ones being the dolphins. Several different species of dolphin are known to frequent these waters. Among them, the spinner dolphins are by far the liveliest bunch. These playful creatures live up to their name by regularly jumping out of the water and spinning about in the air – truly a sight you won’t want to miss. The largest of the dolphins, the orca or killer whale, is also found here, so keep an eye out for its iconic black dorsal fin as you scan the horizons.

From Colombo
129 km
Time Duration
2 h 7 min
Entrance Ticket

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