Whale Watching in Trincomalee

Many species of amazing animals can be encountered during your visit to Sri Lanka, and these include perhaps the most majestic animals of all – the great whales. In the azure blue waters off of Trincomalee’s coast, you’ll be able to witness these majestic marine mammals as they travel in search of warmer waters.

Sri Lanka is frequently visited by not one, but two giant whale species. This includes the sperm whale, the world’s largest extant toothed predator, which can grow up to over 20 meters long. But even this leviathan is dwarfed by other whale species that are found in Sri Lanka’s waters – the titanic blue whale. Being able to exceed lengths of over 25 meters, this baleen whale is the largest known living organism to ever have existed on the planet! Both of these species visit the island’s east coast from May to October. July, in particular, has proven to be an excellent time to catch sightings of blue whales. It can be quite the exhilarating experience watching these animals breach and flaunt their massive tail flukes in the air. Of course, you’ll be seeing all of this from the comfort and safety of your tour boat.

Blue whales and sperm whales aren’t the only marine mammals you’re likely to spot during your whale watching outing. Trincomalee’s waters are regularly visited by a variety of dolphins, namely spinner dolphins, Risso’s dolphins and striped dolphins. The largest members of the dolphin family, the killer whale, has also been sighted albeit rarely. The playful antics of these intelligent seafarers are sure to keep you entertained and fill you up with lasting memories. Spinner dolphins, in particular, are known to show off their acrobatic skills by leaping out of the water and (aptly) spinning around in the air before descending back into the blue.

Due to most of these wonderful species, unfortunately, being endangered, the Sri Lankan coastguard oversees and enforces strict regulations on whale watching. Particularly, they ensure that both the crew and passengers adhere to the necessary safety precautions. This ensures both the people and the animals are safe and enjoying themselves.

From Colombo
265.4 km
Time Duration
5 h 9 min
Entrance Ticket

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