Hikkaduwa Marine National Park

The vibrant coral reefs found in the Hikkaduwa Marine National Park are home to a spectacular array of life and is one of the most biodiverse regions in the entirety of Sri Lanka. Creatures large and small, beautiful and bizarre can all be found patrolling the reefs searching for food, mates and shelter all the time – so, grab your snorkelling gear and dive beneath the waves right now!

Being one of only three marine national parks found in Sri Lanka, the fringing reefs of Hikkaduwa is where you’ll find some of the most wonderful and rare species of marine life around the island. Regular visitors include several species of threatened sea turtles, as well as the elusive dugong – a massive marine mammal that grazes on the ocean floor. The park also gets a few giant visitors from time to time. These include the massive whale shark which can exceed lengths of over 15 metres making it the largest fish alive today! The world’s largest ray, the manta ray, also frequents these waters.

As mentioned, the park is ideal for a snorkelling session – it’s the best way to get up close and personal with all of the reef’s fantastic denizens. However, there are other options too! If you fancy exploring some of the deeper waters, a scuba-diving session would be ideal, and if you prefer to enjoy the reef while staying dry, consider a tour on a glass-bottomed boat!

Of course, all of this natural beauty and remarkable biodiversity means that the park is perfect for anyone enthusiastic about marine photography! So, if you’re planning to explore the reefs and waters surrounding Hikkaduwa, be sure to pack a waterproof camera with you. You can also just get a water-tight case for your smartphone if you prefer.

From Colombo
117 km via Southern Expy/E01
Time Duration
2 h 5 min
Entrance Ticket

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