Sea Turtle Hatchery

If you’re ever in Hikkaduwa, be sure to make a stop at the local sea turtle hatchery – it’s a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with these gentle marine reptiles, while also learning how you can help preserve these wonderful creatures for future generations to enjoy as well!

The beaches of Sri Lanka are visited by five different species of sea turtle – all of which are threatened with extinction due to habitat loss and growing human pressures. Establishments like the Hikkaduwa Sea Turtle Hatchery attempt to combat these issues and provide these marine reptiles with a fighting chance at survival. Here, turtle eggs are collected and kept safe until they are ready to hatch – at which point the hatchlings are released into the ocean – and old and injured turtles are rehabilitated and given sanctuary. You can observe all of them during your visit too, marvel as the older turtles take it easy and strut about their tanks, and revel as the baby turtle playfully swims about their enclosures, itching to get out into the high seas.

If you visit the hatchery during just the right time, you’ll even be able to take part in the baby turtle release process! Watch as these cute little reptiles frantically scuttle away to the waiting ocean, the great blue expanse where they’ll spend the rest of their lives in!

From Colombo
103 km
Time Duration
2 h
Entrance Ticket

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