Catch the sunset at Flag Rock and stroll along the Pedlar Street

With buildings that boast stunning colonial architecture, snazzy cafes, colourful boutiques, and eclectic charm, Galle is a city unlike any! With sites of great cultural and historic significance, Galle has been recognised by the UNESCO as a world heritage site. The Galle Fort is the key attraction of the city and was originally built by the Portuguese in 1588. Apart from the numerous attractions of the fort a particular site draws more visitors that any that is the flag rock. This being once a Portuguese Bastian now serves as a viewpoint that unfolds some of the best sunset sceneries in Sri Lanka.

Standing on an elevated outcrop, gently nudged by the soothing sea breeze and the warmth of the evening sun is something wonderful. Seeing the brilliant hues of red, yellow, and orange over the horizon brings back blissful memories and instills a sense of peace in your hearts. It is probably best when felt in person than described in words, but, all that you should know is that it is something magical.

Another experience that must be savoured when in Galle is Pedlar Street. Located at the very centre of the fort area, the street is adorned with amazing bars, cafes, restaurants, and a plethora of boutiques. The street is an idyllic place to grab some drinks, treat your palate with some tasty local and international delights, and to shop for local souvenirs, clothing items, and accessories. Travellers could also witness how local handicrafts are being made at certain craft shops and along the way they can also experience the local life in Galle. Overall the city is certainly a destination that must not be missed as it offers bountiful experiences that will be treasured throughout one’s lifetime.