Explore 16th-century Galle Fort

Located on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka, the Galle fort is considered a national treasure in terms of its historic and cultural significance. Originally built in the year of 1588, the fort is one of the country’s well-preserved colonial establishments and world heritage sites recognised by the UNESCO. Boasting a mix of Portuguese, Dutch and British architectural fare, the fort comprises of a plethora of houses, cafes, boutiques, restaurants, bars, and even a lighthouse.

Travellers here could enjoy a relaxing stroll taking in the lively ambience and while they are at it, they could also purchase anything from souvenirs, clothing items, and locally made handicrafts whilst here. Visitors to the fort could feast their eyes upon the immaculate vistas of the ocean as they wander along the borders or they can visit the lighthouse which offers a panoramic view of the fort and its surrounding regions. The fort also features a site known as the flag rock which was used to be a Portuguese Bastian. This site is renowned by locals and tourists alike as a place where one can witness fantastic sceneries of the sun setting over the horizon.

The fort’s snazzy cafes, offer an ideal space for you to relax with your favourite food items and the bars let you savour local beer and spirits; which is indeed the perfect way to conclude your day. Furthermore, travellers could also witness handicrafts being made by skilled artisans at the craft shops located within the fort. The fort also plays host to occasional events that feature spectacular works of art and other means of entertainment. With something to see and admire at every turn you take, Galle fort should be explored at a slow pace and the experience should be savoured bit by bit. Visit here for an eclectic exploration experience.