See the stilt fishermen at Weligama

Weligama is a quaint little town that is famous for its golden sand beaches fringed in coconut palms. The town is also renowned for its hospitable population and being home to a slew of resort establishments. But, among the many attractions and appeals, one stands out from the rest and has even been captured by the well-acclaimed photographer, Steve McCurry – the stilt fisherman!

Once you are at the beaches of Weligama, visitors can see fishermen perched precariously on top of stilts, waiting patiently for their catch. This site is extremely unique and this type of fishing is endemic to the island. Travellers can click away as many pictures they like which will certainly receive a wave of likes and shares on social media and you could even pose as a fisherman if you can manage to climb on a stilt!

Apart from the unique sight, the stilt fishermen at Weligama bring you a realisation about life… the experience is surreal, the waves, the refreshing ocean breeze, the sand under your feet, and the fishermen, there is something unique about this experience and it must be felt than being read. You can see the stilt fishermen during dusk and dawn.