Boasting surreal waves, golden sandy beaches, and surrounded by tranquil waters, Hikkaduwa is a seaside resort town located in the south-west, Sri Lanka. Since the 1970s, this town has been a firm fixture on the tourist map of the country. Learn more about what this amazing coastal has to offer!


A personal favourite beachscape of many, Hikkaduwa is often regarded as backpacker’s haven due to its many budget accommodation options. The town continues to draw the world to its shores for its heavenly location, pristine waters and the tropical climate.

Located 100km off the Katunayaka Airport, any traveller can easily arrive at this town by train, bus or a private vehicle. Well renowned for its vivacious nightlife, Hikkaduwa reaches its high season when surfers from UK, Italy, USA, Israel, Australia and Japan flock here during October to April. In order to cater to the high demand from tourists, Hikkaduwa offers many luxury hotels, snazzy cafes, restaurants and tour guides. This town is ideal for travellers and water sports lovers longing for the perfect vacation with sun, sand and sea. If you’re looking for places to shop in Hikkaduwa, plenty is on offer from items such as batiks, handcrafted jewellery, unique souvenirs to paintings.

Delve into the natural attractions that Hikkaduwa has to offer. Mingle with the world underwater and or explore the cluster of islets that are within the area. Here are a few places to see on during your time in this lively town.
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Things to do
The coral sanctuary in Hikkaduwa is an enormous shallow body of water that is enclosed by a reef, which is decked by different types and colours of corals and is also the dwelling place for brightly coloured reef fish. For those up for a bit of a thrill, try out your favourite water sport.
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Culinary Delights
Perfect to satiate all your food cravings, the food in Hikkaduwa is certainly one of the best things about vacationing on this island. It is quite a well-known fact that this town is a heaven for seafood lovers. You are sure to find many roadside eateries that offer a plethora of local delicacies. while walking down the lanes,
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