Go Deep Sea Fishing in Hikkaduwa

Deep-sea fishing can be a thrilling excursion whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned angler. Tussling with oceanic giants can be both exhilarating and rewarding, and there are few places better to try your luck at this sport than in the warm seas surrounding Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka’s waters have always been a source of great bounty – both the ocean surrounding the island and many lagoons that border its coast are home to a rich variety of marine life. Many coastal communities have relied on this rich source of protein for generations. Compared to that, deep-sea fishing is a relatively new pastime that’s quickly become popular as an exciting adventure sport. A typical deep-sea fishing tour takes about 3-4 hours; you’ll start by taking a boat to the deep waters, then you’ll bait your game and wait for a bite, then comes the struggle. Deep-sea fishing can be tricky and the fish you’ll be trying to reel can put up quite the fight, so remember to have a professional accompany you!

There’s quite a variety of big game fish to wrangle with in the Indian Ocean. You might want to try your hand first at tackling midweight fish like barracuda and grouper. If you’re feeling particularly daring, however, keep heading out into the ocean and you might just hook goliaths like sailfish, marlin, tuna and even sharks! Once you get a bite, the real fight starts and it can last for quite a while too! Big game fish – especially the larger ones – are quite a tenacious bunch and won’t be reeled in easily, this makes it that much sweeter when you do though.

Once you’ve safely reeled in your catch, it’s time to head back to shore and revel in the fruits of your labour. When you reach the harbour and get off the boat, just head over to the beach and get a fire going for a sizzling BBQ. Few things will taste better than some freshly caught produce lathered in some tropical spices and sauce coupled with a nice cold beer.