Located about 60 kilometres away from Colombo, Bentota is a quaint little coastal town that’s full of charm and character. With pristine beaches and a friendly local population, Bentota is a great location to relax and while away the time in.


Bentota is a coastal town that primarily serves as a tourist attraction. In fact, it has its own local airport – the Bentota River Airport – for this very reason. It is also a popular destination for a weekend getaway among the local populace, especially those residing in the commercial capital of Colombo. Owing to its growing popularity, Bentota has seen a continuous uptick of infrastructure development over the past decade. All of this has made it an even more attractive destination today.

What really sells Bentota as a fantastic destination are all the great attractions available here. The biggest draw by far is the fantastic Bentota Beach. If you’re in the mood for some jet skiing or kayaking, this is the place to be in Sri Lanka. You can even arrange for a fun boat tour through the surrounding mangrove forests and spot some fascinating wildlife along the way. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, from cultural landmarks to sea turtle hatcheries, there are lots to see and experience here in Bentota.

Things to Do
From exciting times at the beach and surrounding waters to an immersive cultural outing about the Bentota Town – here are some of the best things to see and experience in this charming coastal town.
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