Diving in Bentota

Diving in Bentota is nothing short of an amazing experience in Sri Lanka yet again! The waters of Bentota are rich in marine life from various types of fish to bright coloured coral. But, the ideal conditions for diving only last during the high season which is from the 1st of November to the 30th of April. There are plenty of tour operators who will offer you diving tours in and around the region. The dive tour organisers will also provide you with practise lessons and safety instruction if you are a beginner. But if you are a skilled diver, you could go on straight ahead to the ocean for the expedition. There are 3 main dive points in Bentota, namely, Canoe Rock, South Reef, and Hundirangala, and no matter which you choose, the experience will be equally mesmerising!

Beneath the waters of Bentota lies a world of its own, with a menagerie of sea creatures such as corals, reef fish, crustaceans, and more that excitedly await to greet you on your arrival into their realm. The brilliant array of coral that is scattered on the ocean floor is what attracts the creatures that gracefully swim in the region and they are what bring in the divers too. The dive sites are located at varying distances from each other and they individually take about 20-30 minutes to reach from the coast of Bentota by boat. During the experience, you are allowed to safely explore the splendrous underwater world and you can dive up to a depth of 20 meters deep into the ocean.

Among the dive sites that are located around Bentota, South Reef attracts the majority of oceanic creatures. You could even spot rare and wondrous sea creatures such as porcupinefish, lionfish octopuses, and even reef sharks. Out of the three, Hundirangala features shallow waters and it is fairly easy to navigate as well. The dive is just 12 meters deep, nonetheless, it is quite exhilarating.

Note: bear in mind that though the experience is extremely safe and you will be monitored by professional divers at all times, you will have to be a bit vigilant of your surroundings. You also have to stay close to your team at all times and you should strictly follow the advice provided during your briefing session. Finally, although many of the creatures underwater may look friendly and innocent do not try to feed them or even touch them – admire their beauty from a safe distance!