Surf at Hiriketiya Beach

Along Sri Lanka’s palm-fringed southern coast, you’ll find the picturesque Hiriketiya Beach. It is one of the many beautiful tropical escapes the island has to offer – from white-sand beaches to azure blue waters that are perfect for a swim on a hot sunny day. One of the most fun and exciting activities to try out during your time in Hiriketiya is surfing – one of the most famous water sports there is.

Several factors make this beach ideal for surfing. To start off with, this sheltered beach has relatively calm waters which make the location perfect for beginners. On the other hand, a heavy left-hand reef found along it provides a more challenging experience for seasoned surfers. Then of course, there’s all the beauty associated with the bay itself and the calm nature of the adjoining town.

There are two main surf spots to choose from in Hiriketiya. You will want to choose between these two based on your skill level. If you’re just starting to get the hang of surfing, you’ll want to visit the Hiriketiya Beach Break. Located on the west side of the bay, this spot gets plenty of wave though none that would prove too challenging to mount.

If you’re itching for a challenge however, you’ll want to head to the Hiriketiya Bay Reef Point Break. You can even book yourself a boat ride to reach this location. Here the waves can swell to truly monstrous heights and it can be an absolute treat to ride them.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of surf shops and surfing schools all around the beach. So, if you’re ever in need sof some equipment or an instructor to show you the ropes, you won’t have to go far!