Found on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, Mirissa is a seemingly small town found by the coast. It don’t let appearances deceive you, this is one of the most exciting and feature-rich coastal escapes that Sri Lanka has to offer!


If you’ve been looking for a beach getaway that has all the quintessential features of a tropical paradise, Mirissa is the destination for you. From white sand beaches to shady coconut palms and a constantly warm tropical sun – this quiet little coastal town is everything you’ve been looking for.

While initially, Mirissa may seem like a typical lazy coastal town, there’s quite a lot of thrills and excitement to be found here if you know where to look. Over the past decade in particular, Mirissa has developed a bustling nightlife scene that’s complete with dive bars, night clubs and bougie cafes – to roam the street here after dark can be quite the experience! Then of course there’s the fantastic Mirissa Beach and the ocean that lies beyond. This is a great location to relax and wile away the time in after a long night of dancing and partying. What’s more, Mirissa is one of the best locations in Sri Lanka to do a bit of whale watching! From playful pods of dolphins to massive blue whales, they can all make for some great sightings.

Things to Do
From exciting times at the beach and surrounding waters to an exciting night out and about the town – here are some of the best experiences to be had in Mirissa during your stay.
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